How to puttygen windows?

In order to create a SSH key for windows you can follow these steps.

Generate your keys with Putty

  1. download putty
  2. start "PUTTYgen" from the start menu
  1. click the Generate (1) button and follow the screen instructions
4.) Fill the fields for comment (1) and add your name for instance 5.) Add a passphrase for your pivate key (2, 3) 6.) Save you private key in a protected place on the local filesystem (4) 7.) Copy the displayed public key and add it to your Gerrit accountNoteKeep in mind that putty uses a proprietary format to store keys, which is incompatible with OpenSSH, when you use any of the save-buttons. If you need to store you private key in the OpenSSH format use the menu item Conversions->Export OpenSSH key.

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