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MiniEdit-503bThe icons represent the following tools:

The Select tool is used to move nodes around on the canvas. Click and drag any existing node. Interestingly the Select tool is not needed to select a node or link on the canvas. To select an existing node or link, just hover the mouse pointer over it — this works regardless of the tool that is currently active — and then either right-click to reveal a configuration menu for the selected element or press the Delete key to remove the selected element.

The Host tool creates nodes on the canvas that will perform the function of host computers. Click on the tool, then click anywhere on the canvas you wish to place a node.MiniEdit canvas As long as the tool remains selected, you can keep adding hosts by clicking anywhere on the canvas. The user may configure each host by right-clicking on it and choosing Properties from the menu.

The Switch tool creates OpenFlow-enabled switches on the canvas. These switches are expected to be connected to a controller. The tool operates the same way as the Hosts tool above. The user may configure each switch by right-clicking on it an choosing Properties from the menu.

Add hosts, switches, and controllersThe Legacy Switch tool creates a learning Ethernet switch with default settings. The switch will operate independently, without a controller. The legacy switch cannot be configured and is set up with Spanning Tree disabled, so do not connect legacy switches in a loop.

The Legacy Router tool creates a basic router that will operate independently, without a controller. It is basically just a host with IP Forwarding enabled. The legacy router cannot be configured from the MiniEdit GUI.

The NetLink tool creates links between nodes on the canvas. Create links by selecting the NetLink tool, then clicking on one node and dragging the link to the target node. The user may configure the properties of each link by right-clicking on it an choosing Properties from the menu.

Connect nodes together Edit each controller so it uses a unique port number MiniEdit preferences default settings Set CLI option

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