Puttygen ssh-rsa

Hey BowmanHave setup dreamboxplugin all scripts are running ok and have added a few to the list myself!

Have been able to setup SSH with port forwarding to my Enigma 2 boxes no problems. (Dm800 and Vu + Duo)

But can't for the life of me get the F##king DM500's to work with SSH, only telnet!

When I run: [ ssh_tunnel.sh / Optional parameters: 22] on the DM500's I get:

/tmp/dropbear/dbclient: Failed to open //.ssh/known_hosts

Authenticate The Key

mkdir .ssh
When I try and make the .ssh directory it says: mkdir: Cannot create directory '.ssh': File Exists

cat > .ssh/authorized_keys
****B3NzaC1yc2EAAAABJQAAAIEAu4W0cfRstz+aXixnhBUUAa 6Bqepk2O/LS7Y1
mdiShIUyOD348jCivALBExrfgzy*****TZKLhIhx6dcQ+4ZD6P 6Uu6f16QTG3ZTQ
(key is created with Puttygen ssh-rsa key)

Then when I run ssh_tunnel.sh i get a different rsa-key & /tmp/dropbear/dbclient: Failed to open //.ssh/known_hosts - (I don't think .ssh/authorised_keys command worked)

Ok so then I have tried to take the existing rsa key, supplied by the DM500 convert it to a Open SSH rsa key so I can import it to Puttygen - Still won't connect!

I have tried 3 different FRESH PLi images, different ways of converting ssh-rsa key to puttygen guides. External boxes & internal boxes, different Pc's!

Puttygen rsa 4096

Puttygen heise

Puttygen rsa dsa

Puttygen no ssh-2 rsa

Puttygen SSH2 rsa