Puttygen remove passphrase

First off it's the private key that will have the pass-phrase. This validates against the public key stored on the remote server.Best guess is that your are trying to use a putty private key (ppk) key format with openssh this doesn't work. PuTTYgen has an export option for openssh if this is the case.ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1y. etc I also assume that the server you are trying to ssh to has your public key stored correctly in the authorized key file (in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys generally).Another guess would be that the correct key isn't be selected. Some things I would try are:Resetting the keys pass-phrase using ssh-keygen, like this...$ ssh-keygen -f ~/.ec2/key.ppk -p This will confirm if in fact your key does (or does not) have a pass-phrase on it already.Secondly I'd try connecting using a verbose output, specifying your public key explicitly output:$ ssh host -i ~/.ec2/key.ppk -vvv

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