Puttygen for windows

If you want to connect your gce (google-cloud) server with putty using root, here is the flow:

use puttygen to generate two ppk files:

  1. for your gce-default-user
  2. for root

do the followings on putty (replace gce-default-user with your gce username):

Putty->session->Connection->data->Auto-login username: gce-default-user

Putty->session->Connection->SSH->Auth->Private-key for authentication: gce-default-user.ppk

Then connect to server using your gce-default-user

make the following changes in sshd_config

sudo su

nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config

PermitRootLogin yes

UsePAM no


service sshd restart

Putty->session->Connection->data->Auto-login username: root

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