Download puttygen.exe for windows 10

RE: Access via ssh (puTTY) Sorry for the issues illusive101. From your ticket, I was able to fix your issue. I'll post the info here as well for future customers who may run into the same issue.When you check out your instance loaded here:

If the "key pair" column shows "-" as the key pair, this means none was selected when the instance was created. The dashboard (the OpenStack component called "horizon") doesn't force you to select a key, but we require it, so if that step is missed you end up with an unusable instance. The instance will not be usable without a key, and one cannot be assigned after it is created. I would suggest destroying it and starting a new one, selecting a key. If only one key exists on your account, it will default select it. If multiple, it will not select one automatically.

Puttygen for windows 10

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Download puttygen.exe for windows