Puttygen vagrant

I am getting network refuse error when I am trying to access to ssh through putty.

I already installed putty, puttygen, vagrant and virtualbox. and I am using window 7 32bit.

What I did was...

  1. Using puttygen and go to .vagrant.d folder to select insecure_private_key.
  2. I create the private key which name has "putty_key"
  3. go to Putty: Connection ->Data and I put the "vagrant" as Auto-login usename
  4. go to connection ->ssh->auth and I select the "putty_key" as private key file for authentication.
  5. then i go back to session Host name(or IP address) : localhost part: 2222 Saved session: vagrant then I saved setting.

When I double click "vagrant" error window was popped up

Puttygen rsa 4096

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