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Hi Dears,How are you?….In this section we are going to discuss about Putty and Puttygen in Linux distribution .About putty, putty is an awesome tool to access unix based systems using key functions and all. Basically this software is using in windows but some how users are using same on Linux graphical distributions.Installation :Putty installation in Linux distributions are varies with its base package system.Eg : for Centos it is “yum install putty”for Debian/Ubuntu it is “apt-get install putty”Arch Linux “pacman -S putty”After installation, we will get an icon in our menu list or desktop . Click it, you will get the console.If not try to open using Terminal console by just typing “putty” .How to convert putty .ppk file to openssh format ?How to add .ppk private key to authorized_keys ?Its is very simple. When we install putty software it will automatically install’s puttygen software. We can convert ppk files using this tool.Eg:Consider we have admin.ppk file.Step 1 : We need to add private key data to authorized_keys of destination machine inorder to access that machine using our key. For that# puttygen -L admin.ppkThis command will show private key data containing this file, just copy and pase it on other end.Step 2: We need to convert this file as .pem and access it through openssh.# puttygen admin.ppk -O private-openssh -o admin.pem# chmod 600 admin.pem# ssh -i admin.pem it. If you feel any doubt please comment here. Until then see ya .

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