Puttygen rsa2

Permalink Fetching contributors… Cannot retrieve contributors at this time # Placed in the Public Domain.tid="putty ciphers"if test "x$REGRESS_INTEROP_PUTTY" != "xyes" ; thenecho "putty interop tests not enabled"exit 0fifor c in aes 3des aes128-ctr aes192-ctr aes256-ctr ; doverbose "$tid: cipher $c"cp ${OBJ}/.putty/sessions/localhost_proxy \${OBJ}/.putty/sessions/cipher_$cecho "Cipher=$c" > ${OBJ}/.putty/sessions/cipher_$crm -f ${COPY}env HOME=$PWD ${PLINK} -load cipher_$c -batch -i putty.rsa2 \cat ${DATA} > ${COPY}if [ $? -ne 0 ]; thenfail "ssh cat $DATA failed"cmp ${DATA} ${COPY} || fail "corrupted copy"done
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