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If you haven’t created a key pair yet, and you want to do it from the comfort of your Windows desktop, you can use “PuTTY Key Generator” which was installed as part of the “PuTTY package“:

  • Open “PuTTY Key Generator” by going into “Start” -> “PuTTY” -> “PuTTYgen”
  • While not required, it is recommended that you change the length of your key from the default 1024. Change the number of “bits” at the bottom from “1024” to “4096”.
  • Click “Generate” and move your mouse around randomly until the bar reaches 100%. This “salts” your key, so try to make your mouse movements as random as possible.
  • Once the program is done generating the key,
  • While not required, it is highly recommended that you set a passphrase on the private key. This will protect your private key in case some one gains access to it and you will only be bothered with entering once at machine boot up, if you perform all the steps in the guide.

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