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How to use puttygen.exe to convert an openssh generated RSA private key to a putty PPK format one to access your Linux VPS server.Download and open the puttygen.exe file from the internet. Also get the ssh private key from the server and have it somewhere safe on your disk.Go to File>Load Private KeyInput the private key passphrase and then you get a “loaded successfully” message.Use the button “Save private key” and use Putty Private Key format (*.PPK).The private key has now been converted to a putty supported format.You can actually try those putty steps on our platform in few minutes utilizing our PCS (Private Cloud Solution) which allows you to have VPSie(s) on a private network – NAT – Port forward – traffic control for inbound and outbound – multiple gateway IPs which you could use for the load-balancing and failover.

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