Puttygen convert PPK to id_rsa

The Windows PuTTYgen's "Export OpenSSH key" does encrypt the key with 3DES-CBC. If the passphrase is non-empty, the output file says so: -BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY- Proc-Type: 4, ENCRYPTED DEK-Info: DES-EDE3-CBC, 157A04D5AE43F45B NiGUXnTOhATzg4dGvyXs8rzetF7KpplJJIKrZvQunXuVcZhVS+NTpnTgwJb+zOCm ... I've tested this on various versions over the past 4 years. If the passphrase is empty, I even get an "Are you sure?" prompt.The Linux puttygen also always uses the same passphrase when converting.For RSA & DSA keys, OpenSSH uses the same 'raw' key format as OpenSSL. So if 3DES-CBC is not sufficient, you can use the openssl command-line tool to reencrypt them:openssl rsa -aes-128-cbc < old.key > new.key On Unix of course OpenSSH's own ssh-keygen is better:

Puttygen id_rsa

Puttygen convert openssh to PPK

Puttygen convert id_rsa to PPK

Puttygen convert id_rsa

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