Puttygen command line examples

If (argc > 0) { if (!strcmp(argv[0], "-pgpfp")) { pgp_fingerprints; exit(1); } else { /* * Assume the first argument to be a private key file, and * attempt to load it. */ cmdline_keyfile = argv[0]; } } you have a choice

Which outputs a message:

void pgp_fingerprints(void) { fputs("These are the fingerprints of the PuTTY PGP Master Keys. They can\n" "be used to establish a trust path from this executable to another\n" "one. See the manual for more information.\n" "(Note: these fingerprints have nothing to do with SSH!)\n" "\n" "PuTTY Master Key (RSA), 1024-bit:\n" " " PGP_RSA_MASTER_KEY_FP "\n" "PuTTY Master Key (DSA), 1024-bit:\n" " " PGP_DSA_MASTER_KEY_FP "\n", stdout); }

  • a keyfilename which is later used to

    if (cmdline_keyfile) load_key_file(hwnd, state, filename_from_str(cmdline_keyfile), 0); return 1;`

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