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Sorry for the misunderstanding. Neil Armstrong straightened things out nicely.

You may want to look into hpterm/xhpterm but then you'd be looking at X window.

Good luck.


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Subject: Re: [HP3000-L] QEDIT SCREEN mode (visual) on puTTY ?

But I am not connecting to the HP3000 via puTTY but rather by FREEVT3K
which is invoked on a Linux box inside the corporate firewall. It is the
Linux box which is serving the puTTY SSH connection. The HP3000 is
connected to the Linux session via NS/VT using FREEVT3K. The terminal
type that FREEVT3K seems to emulate is a VT102-24, at least that is what
POWERHOUSE QUICK thinks it is and as the terminal line drawing set is
properly displayed on the puTTY session I infer that QUICK is getting it

My understanding is that QEDIT supports a SCREEN mode that allows visual
editing on VT100 style terminals without HP blockmode support and visual
editing in QEDIT is what I desire. I gave up trying to get vi on the HP
to create usable MPE files a long time ago.

So the two questions are: Does QEDIT 5.1 support non-blockmode visual
editing on VT100 style terminals and, if so, how do you tell QEDIT that
this is indeed the type of terminal you are using?


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