Puttygen extract private key

Do it with Putty.
  • Linux: with your package manager, install PuTTY (or the more minimal PuTTY-tools):
  • Ubuntu sudo apt-get install putty-tools
  • Debian-like apt-get install putty-tools
  • RPM based yum install putty
  • Gentoo emerge putty
  • etc.
  • OS X: Install Homebrew, then run brew install putty
  • Place your keys in some directory, e.g. your home folder. Now convert the PPK keys to SSH keypairs:cache searchTo generate the private key:cd ~ puttygen id_dsa.ppk -O private-openssh -o id_dsa and to generate the public key:puttygen id_dsa.ppk -O public-openssh -o id_dsa.pub Move these keys to ~/.ssh and make sure the permissions are set to private for your private key:mkdir -p ~/.ssh mv -i ~/id_dsa* ~/.ssh chmod 600 ~/.ssh/id_dsa chmod 666 ~/.ssh/id_dsa.pub If you have already tried to perform a 'git clone' operation you might need to do this also

    Puttygen cannot load private key

    Puttygen begin rsa private key

    Puttygen rsa private key

    Puttygen not a private key

    Puttygen export private key