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SecureCRT is a commercial SSH and Telnet client for Windows.

Serv-U is a multi-protocol FTP, SFTP, and HTTP server for Windows.

PuTTy and color schemes

For some reason it seems to me that I am not alone in the thought that some applications running on The Linux operating system and using elements of pseudographics in the so-called Text-based user interface (TUI) sometimes look really “vividly” No need to go far. For example, the notorious Midnight Commander (mc) file manager with the default color scheme after about 15 minutes of use makes me slightly nauseous and the feeling that my eyes are coming to my nose. In part, this is one of the reasons why I could not accustom myself to this tool. Put this “acid stain” here for clarity: Of course there are many red-eyed “gourmets” who will begin to say that I am wrong and do not understand anything “in sausage cuts.” But this is a matter of taste, isn’t it? I can immediately say that I do not suffer from chromophobia, but simply feel discomfort from similar color schemes.

As for all sorts of hardware with TUI, sometimes you can find even more “vyrglaznye” interfaces. So, for example, the interface of one of the Infortrend EonStor data storage systems looks like: The question here is not even the adequacy of the color gamut. The question is that it is trivially impossible to discern what is written in the form of the color of “childish surprise” in the center of the screen. Seeing such a person personally, nothing but profanity comes to my mind All such problems can be solved at the same time if you use your own color schemes on the side of the PuTTy client itself. Control options for the current color scheme are available in the Windows> Colors tab. You can long and painstakingly adjust the color schemes that will be associated with any of the saved sessions described in the Session tab, or you can go on a simpler path and choose any of the many options of pre-configured schemes available on the Internet, for example from here: PuTTY PuTTY Color Schemes

Selecting your favorite scheme, for example Twilight, create a REG-file with the settings of the scheme:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software SimonTatham PuTTY Sessions Twilight]

“Colour0” “255,255,212”

“Colour1” “255,255,212”

“Colour2” “20,20,20”

“Colour3” “20,20,20”

“Colour4” “255,255,255”

“Colour5” “255,255,212”

“Colour6” “20,20,20”

“Colour7” “38,38,38”