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Multi-lining PuTTy Sysadmin Assistant

15.10.2017 Category: Utilities Author: litladmin

Automatic login with credentials

Hello, friends! Today I will pay attention to one, perhaps someone interesting utility called MTPuTTY (in other words “Multiple PuTTy”).

This is what the main program window looks like:

Multi-layered PuTTy program is available for free, you can download it from the official site, the size is about 700 Kb.

The first impression is that the product is very similar to the previously described mRemote, so you can even see a screenshot of its window:

mRemoteCapabilities, of course, smaller, but quite normal program for everyday needs.

MTPuTTY features

The main features of this program include the following:

Connection grouping;

Sending an arbitrary script (sequence of commands) upon successful connection to the server;

Script execution at login

Automatic login to the server (including the delay before sending the password);

Automatic login with credentials

Sending a script to several servers at the same time (for which the input was made);

Sending a script or command to multiple servers

Of course, I don’t really recommend using SSH login through password authentication (it’s safer to use SSH keys and other security features), but just in case this feature can provide a good service. Install Mac OS

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Yes, and rich imagination can draw good scenarios for using this program For example, special services are breaking to you, and you log in to all your servers in one fell swoop and crash the RAID or erase the correspondence, mail and user directories on the server Just kidding. Okay, all this is funny, but who knows what might come in handy. Personally, I would take this program into service!

If we talk about Midnight Commander, then, of course, I know of options such as, for example, a monochrome launch with an additional key mc -b, and of course, I heard that mc supports color schemes. However, it should be noted that not all applications that have TUI, can boast the same. In addition, coloring each application separately, if there are more than one, is probably not a very convenient option.